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  • Is rooted in the premise that the giver is no less a recipient than the beneficiary

  • Exercises genuine empathy to the needs, wishes and dreams of the giver, not merely the receiver

  • Harnesses awareness to work through the challenges and inhibitions involved in making The Ask


  • Focuses on the peak of the mountain without losing sight of its base, balancing satisfaction from prior achievements with the expectation to conquer new heights


  • Requires being fully present when meeting with the giver and listening to both the spoken and unspoken messages




Even the


Sagi Melamed – Fundraising Sensei*

*’Sensei’ means a teacher/instructor, one who has walked the path before you

Mastering fundraising has much in common with mastering martial arts. “Melamed” (Hebrew for “teacher”), my surname from birth, crystalizes the essence of my professional path to date. A seasoned resource development and partnership building expert, I bring over 20 years of experience in leading international fundraising operations and teams - raising tens of millions of dollars to further academic excellence in higher education, cross-cultural collaboration and dispute resolution. I have trained and instructed executives in the art of fundraising and served as an IDF special training unit commander, a teaching and research assistant at Harvard University, a negotiations instructor and the chief instructor of a karate club.


My unique worldview and instruction methods, explored in my books: “Fundraising - The Practical Israeli Guide" and “Mindful Fundraising”, empower my clients to identify and unleash their internal assets and powers, allowing them to develop a sustainable fundraising toolkit, overcome barriers to funding solicitation and achieve better results. As a fundraising sensei, I personally guide clients in the spirit of The Ten Commandments of Resource Development through the establishment or enhancement of their organization’s fundraising systems, elevating their ability to capture and communicate their personal/organizational value proposition and story, build a solid donor base and produce exceptional marketing materials – while finding excitement and joy in the fundraising process.


Our Services

Whether you are a non-profit organization or a philanthropic foundation, we’ve got what it takes to elevate your fundraising work to the next level.

01 For NGOs


  • Help you tell the story of your people, organization and programs/projects

  • Map your donor landscape and build a strategy for outreach and cultivation

  • Create the marketing materials to support your annual resource development plan

  • Provide ongoing support with crisis management (including COVID era implications), opportunity identification and fundraising efforts


  • Tailored to your organization’s specific needs, our training programs, workshops and lectures are based on the knowledge shared in the book: “Mindful Fundraising"

  • We offer a hands-on, engaging opportunities for your team and leadership – including Board of Directors, Trustees and Friends Association - to master the art of fundraising through simulations and role play


  • Targeted advice for crisis management

  • Fundraising talent recruitment and staffing

  • 1:1 preparation for fundraising meetings and pitching

02 For Philanthropic Foundations

We also offer the above services to philanthropic foundations and impact investors, to support their funded organizations.

Clients & Impact

Clients & Impact: What Clients Say

At the Boston Israeli American Council, we had never approached others to solicit donations. When we did try, we felt like we were walking into a brick wall, on a ‘mission impossible’ that took us way out of our comfort zones. But during a pleasant and engaging evening of hands-on training, Sagi gave us many practical and effective tools to fundraise successfully and even enjoyably.


Working with Sagi, we learned that resource development is an art based on interpersonal relations, effective communication, a meeting of minds and of dreams, and the opportunity to share with others the blessing of advancing causes that are close to our hearts and that give meaning and satisfaction. The karate exercises that were incorporated into the workshop reminded us to believe in ourselves and to be clear and focused on our goal.


This workshop is highly recommended for everyone, whether they are taking their first fumbling steps in the field of fundraising or are experienced fundraisers interested in acquiring new techniques.

—  Lital Carmel, Regional Director, Boston Israeli American Council (IAC)

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Sagi's Books

01 - Soft & Hard Cover_SAGI.png

Mindful Fundraising:
Tailor-made Talks, Workshops and Courses

On a mission to share the knowledge and toolkit captured in my recent book “Mindful Fundraising” (available in English and Hebrew), I offer the following menu of topics delivered through experiential learning formats, aimed at exposing the concept of mindful fundraising and advancing organizations and their leaders in their resource development journey. 


  • What is fundraising? Why do people, corporations and foundations give?

  • Identifying your organization’s uniqueness and assets

  • Mapping and reaching potential donors for your organization – what’s in it for them?

  • Building a development plan and preparing compelling giving opportunities

  • Getting comfortable with personally making ״the ask״ and even enjoying the process!

  • Telling your story and making “the ask”: how to ask for a donation? 

  • Cultivating and soliciting new donors

  • Building the Friends Of your organization

  • What makes a successful fundraiser? Recruiting and retaining top fundraising talent

  • Fundraising in times of crisis (COVID case study)


Delivered in English or Hebrew, the learning opportunities I offer range from one-hour lectures in-person or online, through half day workshops to four-day courses. I work closely with clients to design and deliver tailor-made experiences that truly make a difference.


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